Who are we?

Hi there!

Our names are Lourdes Mancini & Evan Tingle, and we own and manage this store!

We live with our four pets; Sunny D, Mozza, Mello, and our lovebug giant-dog Opal.  Lourdes is currently in college to further her art skills, and Evan teaches youth media production. We named our business after our first puppy, Opal, as she helped open our eyes to what really matters: doing what we love while we're here!

Lourdes decided to venture into the world of small business, and found that was her calling and best use of her creative, innovative skills.  With the help of Evan Tingle's amazing self-taught illustrative experience, the two artists collaborate on projects at a quick, easily produced rate.

Lourdes is the main person running the operations around here (hello!), so if you have any questions regarding your own business or where to start, feel free to reach out via our Contact page!

It's rough figuring out how to pursue something as broad as an art career and managing a small business. Our plans are to expand our blogs into tutorials and walkthroughs of our process, so keep an eye out for those. We hope to be a helpful resource for those also pursuing a career in art, while also supporting ourselves by creating funky-fresh nostalgic artwork.

As always, stay cool, follow your dreams, and thank you for visiting and supporting our website!

Lourdes Mancini's Portfolio